Our Vision

SideDoor is a Christian youth ministry that exists to instill values, character, and community that will empower Northern youth to find fulfillment (HOPE) by providing a safe haven and practical supports.

Our goal is to provide every youth, particularly the most vulnerable and at risk, with the support services and resources that help them navigate a very challenging time in their lives.

Ultimately, our mission is to prevent, reduce and end youth homelessness in Yellowknife.

We believe that youth in our community are our most valuable treasures, possessing inherent precious worth and dignity. We know that they are faced with many challenges in this intense and often volatile time in their lives. Our focus is on providing support & services, equaling opportunities (HOPE) for youth.

SideDoor = HOPE

H – Healthy Options/Choices

O – Overcoming Obstacles

P – Practical Supports and Life Skills

E – Emergency Shelter/Safe Haven